LED Frames

LED Frames

Our LED frames are ideal for all real estate offices showcase.
But also for every other business such as hairdressers, nail salons, banks, insurance companies and more. Show your offers and services to the walkers in the evening when they have time.

The LED frames are two-sided, so you can present your offer also for customers in the business.

The graphic below shows the dimensions of each set. So you can calculate how many sets you need for your shop window. You can change the sets as you like.
We are happy to help you with the right calculation.

Our Special Prices you will find down on this page.

Systems and sizes


DIN A4 3 FRAMES 239,00 € 179,00 €
DIN A4 4 FRAMES 298,00 € 229,00 €
DIN A4 5 FRAMES 369,00 € 289,00 €
DIN A3 3 FRAMES 339,00 € 279,00 €
DIN A3 4 FRAMES 439,00 € 359,00 €
DIN A3 5 FRAMES 539,00 € 439,00 €

The prices are without IVA.

The sets contain everything you need for the installation on the ceiling (LED frames, cables, mounting hardware and a sketch)
You still need a power adapter. We calculate what kind of power supply you need.


30 Watt 14,90 € 60 Watt 24,90 €
100 Watt 29,90 € 150 Watt 39,90 €
200 Watt 49,90 € 300 Watt 59,90 €

The prices are without IVA.